Out in the Field with chief reporter Annemarie Field: Miffed about comments from Andy Murray’s mother about Eastbourne

I AM not the world’s greatest tennis fan - although I am partial to a few strawberries washed down with Champagne. But I am a huge fan of Eastbourne so I was a little bit miffed to see the comments from Andy Murray’s mother Judy about our town this week.

Referring to the Davis Cup in July, Mrs Murray rather rudely tweeted, “Hopefully [the tie is] not in Eazzzzztbourne. Been there done that.”

You can see now where her son gets his arrogance from. I remember one year when the player lost his cool with a young female Herald photographer who had been invited by the organisers to take photos of him practising at Devonshire Park and started effing and jeffing at her.

As she took photos from the side of the court Murray turned to her and said, “Stop ****ing photographing me. Why don’t you just **** off?”

The phrase biting the hand that feeds you came to mind then and it does again now and Murray and his overbearing mother, who can often be seen shouting and screaming from the players’ box at tournaments, would do well to remember that when they are looking at their already rather large bank balances.

As far as I am concerned our town has plenty to offer and tennis fans love it. But if Mrs Murray has “been there, done that” as far as Eastbourne is concerned, then why doesn’t she keep her obnoxious comments to herself and just stay at home?


WHAT are we going to do with the kids during the long summer holidays now that Treasure Island has closed its doors? Not a day goes by in July and August without my little treasures asking if they can go there for the day, usually even before I have wiped the sleepy dust out of my eyes.

It was cheap and cheerful, a little tired looking but you could leave them to play safe in the knowledge they wouldn’t be snatched away by some pervert and it was great fun. I remember being taken there myself as a child and spending hours on the toadstool slide, playing on the pirate ship and splashing around in the pool.

But, aside from the question of how the owners were allowed to get away with rent arrears to Eastbourne Borough Council of £50,000, what will happen now to the site?

Unless you take out a second mortgage to pay admission fees for other attractions, it’s hard to find anything to do with the kids in Eastbourne that doesn’t break the bank.

Whether Treasure Island is re-opened by the liquidators before the summer remains to be seen, but every cloud has a silver lining and perhaps the demise of the ageing children’s play park could open the door for a new, more modern, seafront attraction for children. Just a thought.


I HAVE had my knuckles rapped by the numbercrunchers at Eastbourne Town Hall after I said the town’s theatres were costing council taxpayers £2 million a year.

In fact, it’s only costing residents £744,000 for the Congress, Devonshire Park, Hippodrome and Winter Garden.

Added to that, tourism boss Tracey McNulty tells me the recent brilliant production of Hairspray did fantastically - topping half a million in sales with around 18,000 bums on seats and surpassing the show promoter’s expectations, and that last summer the council banked £2 million by bringing in top selling West End productions with the panto attracting 30,000 punters through the doors. I hope that puts the record straight.