Out in the Field with Chief Reporter Annemarie Field: Letter got me thinking of my own pet hates

MY, how I laughed when I read a letter in last week’s Herald from Paul Gerrard listing his 10 pet hates for 2012.

Mr Gerrard listed 10 things he wished he didn’t have to look at or put up with in the year ahead including dog poo on pavements, people who think it is their right to casually discard their rubbish anywhere and road works with no actual road works taking place.

And it got me thinking of my own pet hates.

Like Mr Gerrard, I hate solar panels and without wanting to upset my old friend James Honeysett, they are indeed a complete and utter eyesore.

Just take a look at the ones perched on the roofs of the houses in Churchdale Road on the corner of Southbourne Road near the tip.

Or the ones up in Old Town’s Avard Crescent. They look horrendous.

I too detest with a passion people that can’t be bothered to pick up their dog’s mess and have in the distant past been known to scoop it up behind them, follow them home and shove it through their letterbox.

But what really annoys me these days is horse dropping, especially when it’s trailing all along the pavement down Tutts Barn Lane, nice and fresh just in time for the little treasures to have to try and side step it as they come out of school.

Why can’t the riders jump down and scoop it up?

And while we’re on the subject, why can’t horse riders stick to fields and not clog up busy roads?

After all, we don’t drive through their fields so they shouldn’t be allowed to use the roads or pavements.

Then there’s roadworks.

Bollards and cones are dotted all the way along Kings Avenue and I have yet to see a workman standing around scratching their heads let alone actually working and that’s been going on for months.

The other thing that drives me bonkers are the lorries that double park in Station Parade as you come down towards the station from Upperton Road meaning two lanes of traffic have to manoeuvre into one line.

There’s a car park behind the shops so why can’t they use that?

Finally, Mr Gerrard makes the point about able bodied drivers using disabled car parking bays which also gets my goat.

As do benefit cheats taking the mickey out of hardworking folk like you and me. Some of these people wouldn’t know a moral code from a sausage roll.


• ALL THAT ice and not a drop of gin in sight. That was my first thought when I saw the ice rink down at Fort Fun during the school holidays.

The bumper car ride had been turned into an ice rink and for a fiver for 45 minutes (and believe me 45 minutes is long enough when you’re clinging to the side looking like Bambi on ice) people of all ages were skating round the rink.

We had a great time there and the good news is that the ice rink is here to stay up to and including the half term holidays in February.

I shall be taking the little treasures back. Look out Torvill and Dean.