Out in the Field with chief reporter Annemarie Field: I have some exciting news to share

SOME may say I am a grumpy old lady who uses the columns of this fine newspaper to have a good old moan and put the world to rights.

My long-suffering colleagues and husband would testify to that, along with the fact that tolerance and patience are qualities I was neither born with nor have managed to acquire in my – ahem – 29 years.

But this week I have some exciting news to share. It would seem that three major retailers are battling for space in the town’s Arndale Centre.

Lush, the lovely smellies and toiletries shop that you can sniff out from half a mile away, is hoping to move into one of the centre’s empty shops, and both River Island and H&M are also interested in units.

It’s good news if, like me, you tend to head to Tunbridge Wells or Brighton for a shopping spree when you fancy doing some serious damage to your wallet.

I remember when the Arndale Centre was built and I think we’re all agreed that it and Eastbourne town centre need massive facelifts.

The long talked about town centre regeneration plan really does need to get some flesh on its bones soon when it comes to retail therapy for shoppers, young and old. We also, somehow, need to get people up to South Street, Grove Road, the top end of Terminus Road and Seaside Road.

And while, we’re on the subject of the town centre, how are we all liking the temporary bus lane and stops in Gildredge Road while the bus lane that is Diesel Alley is all dug up for gas works?

It seems to have been going for weeks. Apart from the fact there are no shelters to stand under, it’s down to one lane of traffic which is chaos and confusing, especially for the motorists out there who who couldn’t drive an ass down a one-way street.

But it has got me thinking.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if the buses were permanently re-routed somewhere so Diesel Alley, along with Station Street or Mark Lane, could be pedestrianised and the numerous cafes and bars along those stretches could stick tables and chairs outside?

We could all sit al fresco, with an obligatory glass of vino, and watch the world go by.


CAN someone please explain to me why we continue to mess around with our clocks twice a year? I know the mantra, spring forward, fall back, but last weekend’s loss of an hour has really thrown me. Plus, I forgot to set the clocks so turned up an hour late for a morning appointment.

This week I’m not tired when I should be and am still zzz-ing when I should be up and at ‘em. The children don’t like it, builders don’t like it. In fact – and without wanting to upset our Scottish readers – it seems to be only the Highland farmers that like it. It needs sorting.

That, and another bank holiday, say around October, and I’ll be happy!