Out in the Field with chief reporter Annemarie Field: Eejits who jump the lights, bollards and a ghastly canteen!

DON’T you just hate it when some people think that rules don’t apply to them?

We’ve all met them. People that think they can just jump to the front of a queue in a shop, chatter away on their mobiles while they’re driving along or park on the no stopping signs outside schools (yes, you Mr Silver Mondeo who told me to Foxtrot Oscar when I pointed out the error of your ways this week, explained that the rest of us parents had to park miles away and walk to the school gates, so why couldn’t he?!).

And then there are the eejits who jump the lights at Hampden Park Level Crossing because they don’t think the flashing lights apply to them and don’t seem to hear the warning bells ringing.

On more than one occasion I have been behind such a driver who has carried on tootling over the line at Westham Level Crossing as the line gates start to come down.

It makes my blood boil and I have been known to scribble down their number plate, jump out of the car and hotfoot it up to the signal box to have a good old rant with the signalman who can’t believe his eyes either that somebody would be that stupid.

The latest statistic from British Transport Police that 34 drivers have been prosecuted for failing to stop at the barriers when the lights start flashing is absolutely terrifying.

Have these half-wits not seen the advert on television showing what happens to a car let alone a human being when they cross the path of a train travelling at 80mph?

There’s nothing left of either the former or the latter.

And unfortunately until there is a horrific accident at the Hampden Park Level Crossing gates, they won’t learn that rules are there for a reason.

And yes, they do apply to them.

THE RED bollards have struck again. Along with huge sections of roads dug up, countless vans and lots of men standing around scratching their heads.

This time it’s Kings Drive and Kings Avenue which is making one of the busiest roads into town an absolute nightmare for drivers at any time of the day, not to mention the morning commute for workers and parents on the school run.

Let’s hope it doesn’t last as long as the roadworks in Meadowlands Avenue, where poor residents have had their driveways and pavements dug up for months.

MY, HOW I laughed this week when I heard the former Wish Tower Restaurant being referred to as a “ghastly European canteen”. I couldn’t have put it better myself.

But we won’t be laughing if the eatery goes the same way as Treasure Island has done and becomes yet another site in an unenviable position on Eastbourne seafront boarded up throughout the whole of the summer next year.