Out in the Field with Chief Reporter Annemarie Field: Car wash anyone?!

MY SON informed me this week he wants to get a job.

Only trouble is, he’s 11 and, commendable as it is that he wants his own cash instead of his father and I digging deep in our pockets to buy him the latest craze, he can’t get a job for love nor money.

We thought we would drop him off at one end of the promenade so he could go in and out of each hotel, ask them if they needed a pot washer) and pick him at the other end of the seafront with hopefully a Saturday job at the least.

After all, when I was a 12-year-old girl I washed up in a nursing home kitchen on Saturdays, was waitressing in a guest house after school each night and by the time I was 15 I was a part time nursing auxiliary (even though Florence Nightingale I am most certainly not) earning my own cash.

But then we discovered the Ginger Prince can’t work until he is at least 14 because of health and safety and European law. And even then, it must be “light work”, he can’t work for more than five hours on a Saturday and can’t work before 7am.

What happened to butcher’s boys on bikes and the like? I don’t believe in sending kids up chimneys but my poor child can’t even look forward to getting up at the crack of dawn to sludge through rain, sleet and snow because a paper round’s out of the question too.

Competition from supermarkets means many rounds are being phased out and when he rang up to enquire about a paper round, was told he’d need a car. It’s a shame because a paper round is good for exercise, an excellent way of bridging the gap between school and work, they get a sense of a good work ethic which stands them in good stead for the future and, with its early morning starts in all weathers, back breaking bags and risk of dog attacks, it’s a character building introduction to work.

So we’re back to square one but instead of sitting around waiting until he’s 16 expecting pocket money hand-outs from us without having to do much at all, he’s got a bucket and sponge. Car wash anyone?!