Out in the Field with Chief Reporter Annemarie Field: All I want is a decent cuppa!

THE LAST time I ate anything in the Wish Tower Cafe it was, allegedly, a sausage roll and it was yuk, like toes off a corpse, so I never went back.

Until last Friday that is when I went behind the scenes with council leader David Tutt to have a look at the place now that the previous incumbents have left and the keys have been handed back to the council.

And I feel very, very sorry for anyone who has eaten there in the last couple of years.

Even though it has been cleaned, it looks more like an Eastern European canteen (a politician’s quote, not mine) than it ever did when it was open.

It’s absolutely filthy, your feet stick to the carpet, there’s old food lying about which looks as if it came out of the ark, there are holes in the roof, trees growing out of the walls and grease everywhere you look.

The council has got its work cut out in getting it back open in any shape or form and it’s obvious it needs hundreds of thousands of pounds spending on it.

Three things struck me while I was there.

Firstly, and I must be careful as this is a family newspaper, how on earth could the tenants left it in such a filthy state?

When you move house you generally tend to leave it spotless so people don’t complain about what a two and eight you left the place in.

The tenants certainly didn’t.

Secondly, I asked the council what had happened to the fish whose home was the pond outside. I am told they’ve gone to good homes and the pond has been drained.

And finally, now that it’s all boarded up looking unloved and neglected, there are plans to paint the outside with art murals.

They can decorate the outside with pressed teabags as far as I’m concerned but I do want a cuppa when I get there after a stroll along the seafront.

It would be lovely if some little enterprise – like the tea and coffee kiosk in the railway centre – could set up home outside.

Or what about a mini bar to blow the cobwebs away after a stroll along the prom? Just a thought...


Shame on the lowlife shoplifters

WHAT is the world coming to I wonder?

Last week in ASDA the father of a newborn baby put his shopping from other stores down on the floor while he used the self-service checkout and when he’d finished, he realised two lowlifes had stolen his bags,

The store knows who these people are because the two thickos, a mother and daughter, were caught on CCTV rifling through his bags while his back was turned.

Because of data protection or some other bureaucratic nonsense, the store can’t release the CCTV and this newspaper can’t name and shame the two women.

So I hope they’re reading this and I hope they feel very ashamed of themselves for stealing newborn baby clothes and baby milk.

I’m a great believer in karma and what goes around comes around and I really hope the wicked fairy comes back very soon to bite them on the backside.