Out in the Field with Annemarie Field: Wouldn’t it be marvellous if more free public events were held in Princes Park

CREDIT where credit’s due and after the Royal Wedding fun day at Princes Park last Friday, I take my red, white and blue bowler hat off to the council for organising it.

It was lovely to see so many people there with their chairs, picnics and bottles of fizz parked up in front of the giant screen broadcasting the wedding and everyone appeared to be enjoying it.

There was a lovely atmosphere and plenty of cheers from the crowd as Kate and William’s nuptials got underway. And when the National Anthem was sung in the Abbey, everyone got to their feet in Princes Park to wave their flags, sing along and cheer. A real patriotic and community spirit. Unforgettable.

Eastbourne Borough Council - well, the events team in fact - certainly scored some brownie points in my book. Wouldn’t it be marvellous if more FREE public events were held in Princes Park where you could take the family and watch history in the making? The Queen’s jubilee is just around the corner, the Olympics next year.....the possibilities are endless.


ALL THE political sniping and handbaging is over now and this morning we are waking up to a newly-elected borough council.

Eastbourne went to the polls yesterday to elect 27 people who will represent our views on the town. I’m not a gambling person as I have enough vices in my life, but if I were I would predict the Liberal Democrats losing a couple of seats to the Conservatives.

Regardless of the verdict, let’s hope the newly-elected council acts quickly to get things done. I love Eastbourne but can’t help but agree a tiny bit with the critics who argue the Lib Dem administration may have balanced the town’s books, but question what else has been achieved over the last four years.

A cycle path has been talked about along the seafront but nothing’s happened, the Congress is falling down, Treasure Island is shut, a proposed facelift at the Wish Tower fell flat on its nose, the long awaited town centre regeneration is still waiting to happen, shops are closing down (the Early Learning Centre in the Arndale is the latest victim), Seaside Road’s a mess, we’re still without a serious local history museum and the former Towner remains a disgrace.

Eastbourne is a beautiful vibrant town, a wonderful place to live, a crown in its own right. It just needs a couple of diamonds polishing up.


EASTBOURNE’S mayor Carolyn Heaps is a spunky lady. First she wingwalked to raise money for young people and now she is going to be strapped to a parachutist for a tandem jump from a plane to raise money for little Logan Prior, whose 27-year-old dad parachutist Daniel was killed in action. Please dig deep and give £1 in to the Town Hall when you’re next passing.