Out in the Field with Annemarie Field: I’ll dance on their tonsils

HOW MANY times have you seen somebody drive past you like a lunatic and wished with all your heart you had a blue light in your car and could just pop it on top of the car to pull them over? Or, even better, hoped there was a policeman lurking somewhere in a lay-by waiting to pounce?

Well, the other Sunday morning just that happened when two motorcyclists were racing along the A27 at Polegate at speeds of more than 130mph at 10 o’clock in the morning.

The two riders were promptly pulled over by officers, had their bikes seized and had to make their own way back home to Surrey. Fast justice indeed.

I wish some nice burly police officer could have appeared from nowhere when some thugs decided to smash a load of glass along the cycle path under the DGH roundabout which led to my daughter taking a tumble off her bike on Monday morning. If I catch them in the act I’ll dance on their tonsils.


HERE we go again. The foreign students have arrived standing on street corners with their brightly coloured rucksacks, clutching their maps in their hands asking for directions.

I like the students. In fact we have our fair share of them throughout the summer at Chateau Field. They bring lots of colour into the town, not to mention plenty of money which they spend in the shops.

But why, oh why, do they, as they more often than not throw the sandwiches that their host families have made them into bins outside McDonalds, stand outside the eatery gabbling away at the top of their voices blocking up the pavement??

Next time you pass by McDonalds and there’s a gaggle of students standing six deep outside, if you see a crabby old woman with a megaphone shouting, “Excuse me please!”, it’ll be me!


AM I imagining it or is this the second time this year the best part of Whitley Road by the fire station has been dug up, temporary traffic lights are in and there’s queues of motorists everywhere you look? Answers on a postcard please,


WE’RE never happy when it comes to the weather are we? We’ve all been moaning about the un-seasonal like weather and praying for the sun to come out. Then when it does show its face and the temperature soars, everyone moans just how hot it is and wishes for a thunderstorm to break (which didn’t turn out to be the torrential downpour we were all expecting).


TALKING of lashing rain, by the time you read this over your cornflakes or coffee on Friday morning, I shall be in the middle of my annual GuinnessFest to the Emerald Isle (you don’t go to Ireland for the glorious sunshine!).

So, until next week. Slainte!