Out in the Field with Annemarie Field: Don’t wrap kids in cotton wool

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Some mothers do ‘ave em, but it would seem that some children do have ‘em too – mothers who want to wrap them up in cotton wool that is.

I had to stifle a laugh when I read earlier this week that a gaggle of mums have started a petition to have the Halloween display at Asda removed because it’s too scary and they’re not impressed with the spooky house, blow up skeletons and skulls which are on display as you walk through the doors of the supermarket.

Isn’t this all a bit OTT? Surely we have to teach our children to be scared sometimes so they can react to situations and make their own decisions in life?

When I was young just the opening music to Doctor Who would scare the life out of me and I would rush behind the sofa with a cushion over my head.

My Little Treasures get scared of things (after all, they have to look at me most mornings when sometimes, without the right amount of make up, I could quite frankly haunt a house) but they know what they should be frightened of and what they shouldn’t and how to deal with their fears.

They know that there’s no such thing as the bogeyman, monsters under the bed and a bunch of plastic old skulls, skeletons and scary masks are a load of old tosh.

Plus the fact I remind them constantly that the dead can’t hurt them. Only the living can do that.

I love to shop and could quite happily do it until I drop. Life’s too short not to and after all there’s no pockets in a shroud nor much point in being the richest person in the graveyard.

So I for one am very glad that among the changes in the parking shake-up are plans to make some two hour limit bays in the town centre four hours instead – which means no running back to the car to find an alternative space mid shopping spree.