Out in the Field: Why my mobile looks like an iPhone risotto!

THERE are many things in life I can’t live without. Think Pinot Grigio, chocolate, expensive shoes, my children.

But now I can add my mobile phone to that list since it drowned in my handbag last weekend when I decided to blow the cobwebs away with a bike ride in the rain, my water bottle leaked all over it and I needed a fishing rod to retrieve it.

As someone who struggles with the microwave and DVD players, and prefers typewriters to computers, I reluctantly bought a mobile only a couple of years ago. Now it’s like my right arm and I am rather lost without it.

I have to say thanks to Keith King and Nicole Taylor for their “put it in a bowl of rice” words of wisdom. After almost a week it’s looking like iPhone risotto and I am hopeful normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

And that’s the last time I shall try something healthy on a Sunday morning.

IT WOULD seem the undeveloped Wish Tower site could remain just that – empty and not a cup of tea in sight – for some time after news reaches me the developers who wanted to build a temporary eatery on the site have rather unceremoniously pulled out.

You might remember Tonik was the successful bidder for a temporary cafe on the site of the former Wish Tower Restaurant and sun lounge. It got planning permission and everyone held their breath waiting for building work to start.

But then Tonik decided it wasn’t financially viable to build something for three years, wanted a permanent structure and £150,000 of council tax payers’ money as well.

Quite rightly the council has now told Tonik to get lost. Let’s hope someone else comes forward and puts an offer on the table asap.

In the meantime there’s plenty going on down the other end of the seafront – my favourite being the new Beach Deck next to Treasure Island where you can enjoy a nice glass of wine and where myself and the Little Princess enjoyed a couple of hours in the sun watching the world go by.

THE SUN is shining but please during this current heatwave, can some people dress for the body they’ve got and not the body they want!

FINALLY this week, there’s a lot of excitement in Beckett Towers as we prepare for an office outing as one of our own takes the plunge and gets married.

The very lovely Juliet Perry is marrying her long time beau Al tomorrow. And next week she will no longer be Juliet Perry. She will be Juliet Mead.

Lots of love, hugs and many years of happiness to the happy couple.