Out In The Field: Why I’m glad to see the back of Christmas

Annemarie Field
Annemarie Field

Well, thank God that’s all over. All the festivities, Christmas, 2012, school holidays – glad to see the back of it especially as after all the festive fizz and fodder over December my backside is sadly now the size of a small country.

It’s a new year, a new start, thankfully the Little Treasures are back at school and everyone is talking about their resolutions of what they are going to either give up or take up.

For my part I have been de-cluttering at home which has been very therapeutic and certainly beats compulsive cleaning or some people’s resolutions to stop drinking wine during January or hit the gym.

I would’ve thought January was the one month of the year with its depressingly cold and dark mornings and nights one would need a tipple. Happy New Year.

Thanks to all the people who have written in and messaged me sharing my concerns at the bonkers idea to build 150 homes on the last remaining field that is a flood plain off Kings Drive, which looked like a swimming pool after the Christmas downpour.

I particularly like Raymond James’ suggestion that seeing as we already have an area of Eastbourne called Little Chelsea, should those houses ever be built off Kings Drive the estate should be called Little Venice.

The last time I went to the flicks I did nothing but moan about Cineworld’s prices so this week I headed for the lovely traditional Curzon Cinema which is cheap and cheerful and reminds me of going to the ABC Minors on a Saturday morning.

Today I would like to wish the Ginger Prince a very happy birthday as he becomes a teenager and with it a word of advice: To my children who like to argue with me: Where do you think you got your attitude and stubbornness from? Give up. I have decades more experience than you.