Out in the Field: What would you put in a time capsule today?

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Lots of people write to me with suggestions each week – some nice and some not so complimentary suggesting I do the physically impossible.

But I like the suggestion from one reader that when construction work on the Arndale Centre extension gets underway, we should once again bury a time capsule in its foundation.

Way back in 1977 when I was a goofy nine-year-old with plaits in my hair, local schoolchildren were asked to bring things to school to be put in the capsule.

As I dug out my favourite Smurf, Sindy doll and pot of Slime, others were rolling up up their silk Arsenal scarves and their Six Million Dollar Man action figures to be buried deep under a plaque where Shades now is in the main square of the centre.

I think it would be lovely to do it again. But how different will the items be this time around from today’s children who live in a digital get everything instantly world?

I can see mobile phones, iPads, computers, scooters, X Boxes and the like being buried.

That’s if we can get our children to wrench themselves away from them in the first place.

I love a good Italian (a meal that is, not a man) and in my ongoing quest for a good bowl of pasta, I found myself walking down Seaside Road near the Hippodrome with my cousins to the newly opened Nove Cento, which I am happy to report is splendid and won’t break the bank either.

Hats off to Eastbourne Borough Council’s events team yet again for the Beer Festival which was a resounding success with lovely food, great wine and sell out crowds on all the sessions.

I see from the statistics that 1,236 glasses of wine were consumed during the festival.

And from the way I felt Sunday morning I did wonder whether the vast majority of them had crossed my lips.