OUT IN THE FIELD: Watch out – there are pickpockets about

Read about Annemarie's adventures in Cambodia daily at www.eastbourneherald.co.uk
Read about Annemarie's adventures in Cambodia daily at www.eastbourneherald.co.uk

Take care if you are out and about in town in the coming weeks as there are pickpockets about.

Last week one unlucky lady was the unsuspecting victim of a pickpocket who stole her purse from her handbag as she walked from Boots to Monsoon in Eastbourne town centre.

The purse was handed in – minus its contents, of course – at Clinton’s Cards where staff say several purses have been handed in minus the cash and card contents. It appears that two other ladies had their purses stolen last week, which would support the theory that these are not isolated incidents and unless we want the distress and inconvenience of having to cancel cards etc, we should all watch ourselves and do our handbags up in the run up to Christmas.

Such sad news this week that our former colleague and highly respected picture editor Terry Connolly had passed away.

Terry was a one off as far as photographers go and we used to joke that he slept with one eye open in fear of missing any breaking news and that if you cut him in half he would have newspaper ink running through his veins.

He knew what made a good read, would often return from a photographic job with yet another story and was always first to the story whether it was a fire, road crash or rescue drama at Beachy Head – no matter if it was day or night.

Quite often he would be at the scene of an incident even before the emergency services arrived – such was his popularity. That and a contacts book stuffed with telephone numbers.

It didn’t matter if it was a duke or a dustman – Princess Diana at the Sovereign Centre or the Three Degrees at the former Kings Country Club – Terry would talk to anyone and get them on side. He had that way about him. Away from work, he was great fun, loved a drop of wine and motor cruising on the Thames was his passion.

Our former editor Hugh Rowlings is so right when he said meeting Terry had changed his life. He changed mine too. He’ll be very popular in that great darkroom in the sky.

I am heading off to Cambodia this weekend for an 85km trek to raise funds for Chestnut Tree Children’s Hospice (you can read my daily blog about life in the jungle at www.eastbourneherald.co.uk) and after that, am off for my annual Guinnessfest and Christmas celebrations with the family in Ireland. See you in three weeks.