OUT IN THE FIELD: Tightwads out in force at Airbourne

Crowds of people line the seafront - paying a rough average of 6p a head
Crowds of people line the seafront - paying a rough average of 6p a head

Maths has never been my strong point – I don’t know my algebra from my Pythagoras – but even I can figure out that £36,415 collected from the hundreds of thousands of people who attended Airbourne this year isn’t exactly a king’s ransom. It may well have been the busiest ever year of the airshow, but the fact remains that £36K divided by 600,000 people who all enjoyed the free air show, live music, spectacular firework display etc is about 6p a head. Hats off to the collectors who were all volunteers and plodded the seafront with their buckets. Having volunteered with the bucket collectors one year, dressed in a tutu and pink wig, I know how hard it is to get money out of spectators and, despite my loud and garish appearance, was ignored by people who were reluctant to put their short arms in their long pockets to get some change out. Nothing has changed: what a bunch of tightwads.

It was rather remiss of me last week when I was bemoaning about the fact the View Hotel – or the TGWU as I still call it – ran out of Sauvignon Blanc during the Bonfire Celebrations but inadvertently forgot to mention the wonderful Jeanette, who works behind the bar and was an absolute star coming to the rescue with a rather nice bottle of Gavi instead.

It’s still too early for some to mention the C word – although it’s actually only 69 sleeps til the bearded one in the big red suit comes down the chimney – but Eastbourne’s Charity Christmas Card Shop is open for its annual run up to the festive season. This year it is at 24 South Street and is open Monday to Saturday 10am-4pm with proceeds from the sale of cards and other festive fodder going to 25 local charities.

Sad news that the Friends of Chaseley has decided to disband after more than 50 years of helping residents. Sadly Chaseley has changed over the years – and change isn’t always for the best.