Out in the Field: This just wasn’t any TV hunk!

Cheryl Kassebi, Shirley Moth, Annemarie Field, Matt Baker and Rob Wassell
Cheryl Kassebi, Shirley Moth, Annemarie Field, Matt Baker and Rob Wassell

Sometimes in life there’s no need to answer a question when the answer’s as obvious as the fact that your backside is further down your body than your ribcage.

So when BBC One’s Countryfile said it wanted to film yours truly along with the rest of the Save the Beachy Head Lighthouse Stripes campaign team with none other than the lovely presenter Matt Baker, I said yes faster than a sack of frozen turkeys dropping from a plane.

The slightly more mature members of the campaign team had their hopes pinned on John Craven coming down to interview us about our appeal to raise enough cash to get the iconic red and white stripes repainted. But it was Matt who turned up with his film crew on a wet, cold and blustery Friday morning to highlight the plight of the tatty looking lighthouse which is in desperate need of a fresh lick of paint.

And what a welcome sight he was, not to mention the fact he was very down to earth, very friendly and more importantly, enthusiastic about the community led project which has so far raised £25,000.

Now, I’m not one to beg or plead but please watch the programme when it goes out on Sunday night at 6.20pm and if you haven’t already thrown a few shekels our way then please do so now. And with a bit of luck the grand old lady off the coast will soon be looking quite literally ship shape.

The Texaco garage in Eastbourne Road has been knocked down and I see from the hoarding outside it will re-open soon with an M&S food store inside. There’s lots of excitement about it in our house. A Marks and Sparks at the end of the road – what more could I possibly want?!

I asked recently if Eastbourne was being ignored by county council because of the bad state of roads and pavements. Still no action means I can only assume we are.