OUT IN THE FIELD: Stop the suffering of the terminally ill

Eastbourne Chaseley bungalows SUS-140411-095229001
Eastbourne Chaseley bungalows SUS-140411-095229001

As someone who watched both parents suffer a terribly long painful death, I am right behind Steve Parlanti’s bid to set up a local group of Dignity in Dying and a change in the law with necessary safeguards in place to make sure it isn’t abused. I agree that every mentally competent person should be allowed to choose how and when they depart. I too had to watch my mum plead with doctors, carers and us, her family, to help her end her life with a fatal injection so she would not have to suffer against her will. I also believe that if enough people put pressure on the government, a change in the law can be achieved. As Steve says, we are not trying to force our opinions on anyone else, we are just asking for choice. And when we wouldn’t let animals be in pain, how can we let terminally ill people suffer to their last breath?

Police commissioner Katy Bourne’s latest idea for cyclists to wear number plates so they can face the same prosecution procedure as motorists if they jump red lights or break the law is an interesting one and sure to provoke debate. Personally, I think Mrs Bourne should concentrate more on bringing in a law that insists on cyclists wearing helmets, which would save lives rather than focusing on something that will create more work for already over worked courts.

What sad news the Chaseley Bungalows are to close because they are not financially viable. If only the powers that be at Chaseley had made the financial troubles public a little earlier, something could surely have been done within the town’s community to help and the nine severely disabled residents wouldn’t have to lose their homes.

It’s all change at Chez Field this weekend as we depart Willingdon, the comfort of the British Queen and the world’s greatest neighbour Meryl for pastures new. Added to that I am off to Ireland for my annual pre-Christmas Guinness-fest with the rellies over there so see you in two weeks.