Out in the Field: Our police force deserve better

TERRIBLY sad news about the tragic deaths of the two police officers in Manchester this week and it just reminds me that our police officers are clocking onto duty understaffed, under equipped, underpaid, under appreciated and everyday walking into a feral lair on our behalf.

These are ordinary men and women, doing a job and without their painstaking efforts and dedication day after day, we will all find ourself living in a land ruled by the increasingly violent minority.

And it’s not as if the Manchester tragedy couldn’t happen here.

Think feral and then think back to the murder of Gary Rae, in Hailsham, poor Jennifer Kiely who was raped, stabbed and then set alight in an Eastbourne seafront shelter and the more recent killing of Chris Poole as he left a convenience store in Hampden Park.

And then there’s the town’s feral street drinkers who park themselves up on a bench with their cans of Special Brew and, when they’ve finished squawking abuse at each other, start on innocent passersby who dare to look at them the wrong way.

Despite low morale, threats to their pensions and being treated like pawns in a Government game of chess, our police officers work tirelessly to keep a lid on these antics and keep this is a safe place to live.

But I can’t help feeling they deserve better, much better. And soon. Before we find out what life would be like without them.

IN MY new world of being a singleton with children, it would appear I am entitled to lots of things from the state should I so wish to avail myself of them.

I don’t. But one thing did catch my eye that I don’t think many families are made aware of and that is if your children qualify for free school dinners your child’s school is then given an annual Pupil Premium payment of £488 per child per year rising to £600 next year.

That’s an awful lot of text books and a huge amount of help for schools struggling because of the current Government cuts.

AH, hello Friday! So glad you came and I see you brought your good friends Saturday and Sunday too. If you see Monday, tell him not to rush.