OUT IN THE FIELD: Not much fun going on at the fort

Roadworks in Decoy Drive
Roadworks in Decoy Drive

Does anyone know I wonder what is going on at Fort Fun on Eastbourne seafront? The amusement park closed on January 5 and its website says it is closed for refurbishment and until further notice. But nothing appears to have been going on inside or outside. With the big and busy Easter holidays approaching there appears to be little fun at the fort as the doors remain firmly closed.

Whose daft idea was it at the county council’s highways department to start roadworks in Hampden Park’s Decoy Drive at 8am on Tuesday morning just as the busy school run started? I know the roads have to be resurfaced but it caused absolute chaos with motorists, buses and the like all being diverted around the houses which resulted in everyone being late for work and school. Starting it an hour later would have been something. Or even this coming week when the schools are on half term and the traffic is nowhere near as heavy.

It was a case of Sod’s Law this week that BBC detective Idris Elba was filming in Seaford while I was more than 500 miles away in Tipperary. The handsome star did however make one young lady’s day: florist Helen at Church Lane Flowers in Seaford took a small bouquet of flowers up to the Coastguard Cottages for the star – and thought no more about it. Until that is, her phone rang Wednesday afternoon and it was none other than the lovely Idris on the other end thanking her for the flowers, the kind gesture and to have a chat. Helen obviously had to be picked up off the floor and the smile surgically removed from her face.

I enquired recently how long it will take the Secretary of State for Communities to consider a bid to drop the byelaw banning cycling on the promenade and was told this week “the application is receiving careful consideration and all byelaw applications are considered on a case by case basis and on their merit”. Nine months and counting ...