OUT IN THE FIELD: Make a date to visit the tower

The views from the top of the Wish Tower are superb
The views from the top of the Wish Tower are superb

Another hearty well done to Eastbourne council’s events team members who worked so hard to make Airbourne such a success last week. I know it’s what they are employed to do but we are lucky in Eastbourne in that so many of the team are real passionate ambassadors who live in the town and genuinely care about what it has to offer visitors. Everybody really pulls together and I hope that when all the collection buckets are in and the monies counted up, all of those who enjoyed the free four day airshow will have pulled their weight too and donated generously so the air extravaganza continues in years to come. If you haven’t yet donated, there are still collection buckets in some hotels and at the Tourist Information Centre until after the bank holiday weekend. You can also donate securely online at www.eastbourneairshow.com/donation

The best things come in small packages and that could certainly have been said for the late great Jackie Webley, whose family held a celebration of her life at St John’s Church, Meads, on Tuesday afternoon. Jackie worked at the Grand Hotel alongside her manager husband Jonathan and had that wonderful gift of making everyone feel at ease whether they were a duke or a dustman. Despite a long battle with cancer, Jackie was always smiling, had a lovely sense of humour, worked tirelessly for charity and even in the days before her death on June 23 aged 54, was making sure everything was set in place to make the Lady Taverners’ summer lunch at the hotel the annual success it always is. Her passing leaves a massive hole in so many people’s lives and she will always be remembered with many fond memories.

After my last two wheeled trusty steed disappeared from the garden one night never to be seen again, this week I invested in another bike as my training regime for November’s trek to Cambodia in aid of the Chestnut Tree Hospice stepped up a gear. My thanks go to Paul at Cycleman in Hampden Park’s Rosebery Avenue for kitting me out. No doubt, in the coming weeks, I shall be joining the lobby for improved cycle paths across the town. Not to mention shaking my fist in the direction of anyone who comes too close to me as I cycle along.

If you haven’t been yet, do try and visit the Wish Tower at some point this summer. The Friends of the WT have done a marvellous job of tidying it up and making it look presentable and there are interesting guided tours around it regularly. Under the terms of a lease agreement with Eastbourne council, the Friends can’t charge admission and instead ask for a donation which is ploughed into making the tower look smart and its history more accessible.

Birthday shout outs this week includes Rose Egan and a special milestone event, Shanon Adams from Saints Salon and Louisa Snell. Happy birthday ladies.