Out In The Field (June 1st) - Let’s get behind the town’s carnival

THIS weekend is going to be big and I don’t know whether I’m going to be on foot or horseback.

From Music in the Park at Willingdon to jubilee street parties, Eastbourne Fiesta on the Western Lawns to the Cashmob’s Take a Tenner to the Enterprise Centre, there’s going to be plenty going on across the town as everyone enjoys a much-needed four day break.

And then of course it’s carnival time along the seafront tomorrow night. So if ever I needed an excuse to park myself up on the balcony of a seafront hotel with some liquid refreshment with the Ginger Prince and Little Princess, this is it.

I hope the town gets behind the carnival and it returns next year bigger and better. It would be really nice too if more shops and businesses entered floats next year.

Back when I was a girl (and dinosaurs roamed the earth), the Wednesday carnival was the highlight of the summer and shops and banks would all enter floats, including for those old enough to remember them, Bobby’s and Barkers, aka Debenhams and A&N.

That was when Pevensey Road, Langney Road and Ceylon Place were in the heart of Guesthouse Land with lovely hanging baskets and SAGA coaches unloading hundreds of bed and breakfast visitors.

Tomorrow night’s carnival is the result of 18 months of hard work and planning so take the family and have some good old fashioned fun – and help raise some money for charity at the same time.

NEXT time you need to call a plumber out, do ask them what their callout charge is or you could end up with a nasty shock.

My mate Steve Leach at the Windsor Pub was charged £70 for a callout on a Sunday morning for 15 minutes’ work, £90 for a further 45, which with VAT made it £192 – and the materials were only £7.

Now, Steve is well able to look after himself and can fight his own battles.

But I did think what if it had happened to a frail little old lady?

MY COOKING skills – or lack of them – are legendary and my views on people with the social skills of a Vietnamese warthog are well-known.

So it wasn’t any real surprise that I didn’t get through to the final interviews for Come Dine With Me.

Despite my menu of Sussex Smokie, Irish Dancing for entertainment and a bar in the garden, I lost out in the final round.

However, a former Eastbourne solicitor and a town centre hairdresser did get through and spent last week filming with the Channel Four crew as well as eating, drinking and cooking.

Their efforts to win the £1,000 cash prize will be shown during the summer.

In the meantime I am going to polish up my culinary skills just in case Come Dine With Me returns to Eastbourne.