Out In The Field (June 15th) -I’m flagging as Euro soccer boys take centre stage

JUST when I thought it was safe and we were entering a football free zone for a good few weeks, Himself informed me the Euros (and there was me thinking, that was a currency that was on its knees) were on and for the next three weeks there would be a football match on every morning, noon and night.

You can’t imagine how delighted I was. But the one good thing about England being in (still at this time of writing) the 2012 tournament is that it appears to instill a fierce patriotic attitude in everyone and the bunting is out and the St George flag flying everywhere you look.

I have to admit though I do feel a degree of sympathy for anyone living within marching distance of the Nuthouse in Seaside, which has been the subject of complaints from residents who say the clanking of the flag outside the hostelry is driving them round the bend.

There’s only one thing worse than the noise of a flag rattling against a flagpole and that’s wind chimes that people have outside their back doors.

It makes me want to yank the things down and shove them where the sun, moon or wind can’t reach.

TALKING of inconsiderate people, why did the person sitting behind me in Row G at the Congress last week save up all their coughs for the performance of Chicago?

If that wasn’t bad enough, they also had their hand in a bag of sweets constantly rustling. Perhaps when the announcer tells everyone at the beginning of the show to turn off their mobiles, they could also ask people to take their social skills out of their pockets and put their hands over their mouth when they cough - and empty the sweets out of any offending bags.