OUT IN THE FIELD: It’s not the fault of police but CPS

The decking is down ready for fairground rides
The decking is down ready for fairground rides
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Without wanting to put a dampener on things, am I the only one a little fearful at reading that the pier owners want to put dodgems, waltzers, helter skelters and the like on Eastbourne Pier? I know times have changed, it’s a modern world we live in and something needs to be put on there to replace the much loved Blue Room with its arcade and popular penny slot machines. The pier owners say it would only be for a short time while plans are drawn up for a replacement building but while bumper cars, loud music, screeching and hollering and flashing lights may be alright for Brighton with its kiss me quick hats and cheap burger stands, I’m not quite sure how it will work in Eastbourne however.

Staff at Tesco in Lottbridge Drove said a fond farewell to colleague and manager Jeff Walls, who left the store this week after a career spanning 24 years from boy to man and wished him well as he moves on to pastures new. Jeff has finally left the building...

The public are all too quick to bash the police when they don’t see justice being done but their disappointment and anger should more often than not be directed at the Crown Prosecution Service, which ultimately decides whether somebody should be charged with an offence. Take for example the case of Eastbourne Rugby Club, burgled earlier this year when the contents of the bar were stolen along with a flat screen television, which was quickly recovered and four arrests made (the little blighters were all watching the stolen TV with their feet up). Police officers acted quickly but the CPS decided there was no evidence to suggest the quartet were connected to the actual burglary so only one of them will be charged with handling stolen goods. It’s a good job I am not in charge as I would quite happily line the little swines up and let loose the entire rugby team on them with barrels of tar and plenty of feathers.