Out in the Field: I woke up on Saturday morning and my lifeline to the world had gone!

It’s that time of year when, with just 11 sleeps until Christmas morning according to the most recent update from the Little Princess at 6am, everyone’s in full on party mode.

And here at The Herald we are no different. But a word to the wise from one not so clever when it comes to Christmas bashes and has a host of apologies and thanks to dish out.

Last Friday lunchtime saw us downing our notebooks and pens and swapping them for large glasses of Pinot Grigio as we headed to the Smugglers in Pevensey for our annual festive fizz and feed up, which was exceptional.

Now, everyone who knows me is more than aware I have the ability to lose my own shadow and do so frequently with shoes, phones, wallets and even the odd handbag disappearing never to be seen again.

Last week was no exception and when I woke up Saturday morning minus my make up bag, bank card and iPhone, I was aghast – my lifeline to the world gone.

So a huge thank you to Jan from The Cleaners who found my phone in the most unlikely of places and kindly returned it to me later that day.

All that remains now is for me to apologise profusely for unceremoniously gatecrashing the Eastbourne parking wardens’ Christmas party in the Eagle public house late on Friday night......

I gather the proposed new Free School on the site of the old Dental Estimates Board will need planning permission.

There’s lots of excitement and lots of interest from mums and dads and I just hope Eastbourne council’s planning committee doesn’t turn this into a hot political potato and throw it out. Planners should bear in mind it will be a costly planning appeal if it does, and our little dears need a new school, not more temporary classrooms.