Out In The Field: I’ve been well and truly put back in my box!

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I have been well and truly put back in my box this week after bleating on about the state of the newly resurfaced stretch of Willingdon Road between Victoria Drive and the big roundabout in last week’s columns of witless banter (or carefully crafted words, however you wish to look at it).

Head of highways Roger Williams says he is disappointed that I was disappointed at the work carried out there, which, despite me saying it’s like driving over a cattle grid every day, is a process of surface dressing a road is that has been used for many years by highways authorities nationwide.

It is, says Mr Williams, both effective and good value for money which, at a time of austerity, is important and the “stones and chippings” are not a permanent fixture of the road but swept away at least three times after work is complete – after 24 hours, three days and seven days.

He goes on to say that the project has been completed with minimal complaints, minimal disruption and costs £3 per metre for surface dressing as opposed the £30 per metre resurfacing carried out on the A22.

I appreciate Mr Williams’ response and am also glad that somebody at the county council actually reads my moans and groans.

If anyone is still reading this in the transport department, could they please shine some light on why the Real Bus Time information signs are still not working and, dare I say, switch them back on?

Talking of lights, as I drove to work yesterday morning, I couldn’t help but pull over to watch what I thought were two strapping builders trying to change the light bulb in the lovely old fashioned blue Police lamp outside the Grove Road nick.

It was only as time went on that I realised they were in fact taking it down as the station closes its doors and relocates down the road to the council offices. What a sad day.

Love him or loathe him, Will Young is at the Congress this week in Cabaret and if you’re lucky enough to have a ticket, enjoy it – it’s fabulous.