Out in the Field: Get the tar and feathers ready


Not one to keep banging on about things but I gather the electric real time bus information signs telling people when buses are due are switched off and out of action AGAIN. Despite several calls and letters to Stagecoach head office in Canterbury over the last month, nothing has been done and they remain out of action. Here’s hoping the powers that be at East Sussex County Council can work a bit of magic and kick start some action and get them turned back on again soon.

Pass me the tar and feathers somebody please so we can find the horrible irk who stole a donation bucket from collectors in Eastbourne town centre last weekend. The Friends of the Wish Tower were collecting cash to help restore the iconic seafront building and keep it open for everyone to enjoy a piece of the town’s heritage when some lowlife grabbed the red collection bucket on Saturday morning. If you have any info, please tell the police.

It was all aboard the Orient Express for me last Friday as myself, John Summers from St Wilfrid’s Hospice and Martin Wellings, who’s behind the bid to bring the carriages to Eastbourne for a fundraiser next year, headed up to Victoria Station for a four-hour trip out on the famous train. Plans are now firmly in the pipeline for it to come to the town next July and tickets for a gala dinner on board will go on sale soon. We don’t have any further details than that at present but as soon as do you’ll be the first to know.

It’s time to ruffle some feathers again as our cemeteries in Eastbourne are looking pretty overgrown and unloved, especially compared to the lovely Willingdon cemetery. Langney has been particularly bad and now so is Ocklynge where gardeners are cutting the grass with strimmers and leaving piles of it there. It’s upsetting enough to go there where your departed loved ones are to pay your respects without having to contend with such an appalling sight.