OUT IN THE FIELD: From Eastbourne to Yobsbourne

Dirty Dancing
Dirty Dancing

On one of the very few days it wasn’t bucketing with rain this week, I took a stroll along the seafront from Holywell to Poo Castle and it would seem some seafront shelters have become permanent addresses for drunks and/or homeless males. The shelter closest to Holywell and near the beach huts is now “home” to two men, with push bikes, who can often be seen cycling with booze in bags to their abode, smoking (banned in the shelters) and playing their radio, while, often, urinating and defecating behind the shelter. Then closest to the Wish Tower shelter there is one male, with sleeping bag, and his possessions, all laid out, every day and night. At the other end of Dossers’ Prom by the waterworks and where there is a nature reserve for wildlife, there was a tent in the bushes where its occupant was quite happily boozing away. Others have reported this to the council and police but all that seems to happen is they are moved on and set up camp somewhere else, like the Wish Tower slopes or Helen Gardens before returning days later. I fail to see why are the authorities are allowing illegal drinking in public places (under the pier is where the female drunks and their entourage booze on Special Brew) and illegal smoking in public buildings, as well as urinating in public, defecation and the abuse and damage to our Victorian shelters?

I really wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of those responsible for a break-in at Eastbourne Rugby Club last weekend when they are caught.

The mindless idiots kicked the majority of the internal doors in, ripped the television off the wall and cleared out bar stock. What goes around comes around and karma is a wonderful thing. I’m sure players will be lining up to drive the karma bus.

Our tickets for Dirty Dancing – enjoying a two week run at the Congress – are bought but if you’re going, be prepared to take out a second mortgage to pay for them.