Out in the Field: Foxy furore for friend Tracey

I HAVE, quite rightly, had my knuckles rapped this week after I made a very silly, sloppy error in my column last week and said neighbouring Hastings was controlled by the Tories when it is in fact run by Labour.

I was having my usual rant about the state in Eastbourne of the pavements, potholes, broken barriers etc.

I insinuated the Tory-controlled county council at Lewes, which holds the purse strings for such repairs, was favouring fellow Conservative borough councils when it came to throwing some money their way and that because our local council is run by the Liberal Democrats, we were missing out on a large chunk of highways cash in favour of our true blue neighbours.

I still believe that and make no apologies for my opinions on that. As for mistakenly calling Hastings Council Conservative, I’m very sorry. I was obviously having a blonde day. Or more likely a senior moment.

A WORD of warning after my poor friend Tracey Britcher left the patio doors of her town centre house open this week and discovered to her horror, nestling in her bedroom was a mangy fox. The cheeky fox cub had strolled in through the open doors, padded upstairs, wrapped itself in her quilt and made him or herself quite at home. Poor Tracey. She had to shoo the creature out of the house, throw all the bedding out and buy new.

I WAS very sad to hear of the death of Eastbourne man Chris Poole who died after being assaulted in Hampden Park earlier this month.

Even though he went to Ratton and I went to Cavendish, I remember Chris well. He was a happy-go-lucky guy who was always smiling and would do anything for anyone.

It’s always horrible when something so dreadful happens on our doorstep and even worse when it’s someone you know.

I also met this week the family of Phil McPhee who have had to wait six months to say a final goodbye to their son because of the current manslaughter investigation going on.

They’ve had to wait for not one, not two but three post mortem examinations including one requested by the solicitors representing the people who were arrested on his manslaughter, which is, in my book, outrageous.

Let’s hope there is justice for these two men. And soon.