Out In The Field: Fishing fleet and lighthouse joy

This week is one of those weeks when, thanks to a crippling gum infection and associated toothache – which at times has made me want to cut my head clean off – putting words on paper is like typing in treacle so forgive me if my witless waffle is below par.

One of the few occasions I managed to get out of the sick bay was for the annual Eastbourne Bonfire Society procession and firework display, which when it did arrive – and from my vantage point on the balcony of the TGWU – was absolutely spectacular.

Let’s hope the society gets the support it needs next year from local businesses and organisations so the parade can go ahead without any last minute cash crisis.

Although the last time I went angling was way back in the nineties when Eastbourne anglers Paul and Dave Humble and Brian Meades reached the finals of the National Sea Angling Championships in Alderney, I like fishing and I like fishermen. S

o I am delighted that after 30 years of waiting they will soon finally have a permanent home in the Harbour.

It’s certainly about time when you think that the justification of the Eastbourne Harbour Act, which became law in 1980, was that the Harbour would provide a permanent offering for the town’s fishing fleet.

It’s good news for the fishermen, good news for the town’s economy and at last that unkempt area of wasteland where the fishing boats store all their equipment down by the side of the Harvester will be tarted up.

I am not one of those people whose waterworks are too close to their eyes, but even I shed a tear this week as the finishing red and white touches were put to the Beachy Head Lighthouse.

Images of the freshly painted tower were beamed across the world and my fellow campaigners were on the national news talking about the fundraising appeal, which began two years ago over a cup of tea one day in Grove Road’s Fiesta Restaurant.

We feel immensely proud at what has been achieved.