Out In The Field: Fancy cake prices take the biscuit

As if they’re not run off their feet enough. it now seems nurses at the DGH are having to add cleaning to their long list of duties after the powers that be at the trust decreed they should clean an entire bed, chair, cupboard, wall, floor etc each time a patient is discharged.

It may well be all in the name of infection control but with the Medical Assessment Unit having an average of 30 plus admissions each day, not to mention an understaffed and overworked A&E department, cleaning the aforementioned areas takes 30 minutes each time, which presumably is 30 minutes when highly qualified nurses should be doing what they do best – nursing people and looking after them.

Talking of our hospital, I went on the Save the DGH march last Saturday and was disappointed that in a town with a population of 100,000, so few people turned out.

Presumably it won’t bother them when the DGH is just a cottage hospital and they’ll have to hike over to Hastings for appointments.

I have had a slight moan up before about the inflatory prices of a cup of tea and a slice of cake if you decide to eat inside a cafe rather than take it away, but I almost choked on my Cinammon twirl at one town centre eatery last week when a £1.60 Danish pastry became a £2.80 Danish pastry simply because I opted to eat in.

Yes, I know cafes have to fork out for overheads, staff etc but that particular one just takes the “£1.20 take away, £2.10 eat in” biscuit.

Funds have been raised, complex technical specifications agreed, expert contractors are at the ready, specialist donated marine coatings have arrived at Brewers....let the redecoration of the Lighthouse begin. And I, and the rest of the fundraising campaigners, are ready to party, preferably with a big night out – complete with waterproofs and boat – at the iconic landmark.