OUT IN THE FIELD: Eyesore eatery to finally be demolished

Demolition work will begin on September 25 and the eyesore that was Spinnakers will be no more
Demolition work will begin on September 25 and the eyesore that was Spinnakers will be no more

Common sense has finally prevailed and those in charge at Eastbourne council have agreed that the horrendous eyesore that once was Spinnakers on the seafront by the Redoubt is beyond repair and needs to be demolished.

Regular readers will remember earlier this year that the council said it was looking for an operator to take the building on and reopen it as an eatery.

Summer came and went and the eyesore remained in a prime sight on the seafront.

People have been saying for months it would be highly unlikely that the council would find anyone brave – or daft – enough to throw themselves behind the project.

The council announced this week demolition was the only option with a spokesperson saying that, unfortunately, the condition of the building was found to be beyond repair and worsened by vandalism.

Apparently measures have been taken to restrict access to the existing building, council staff continue to monitor the site and with the old café positioned close to the Redoubt Fortress, the council has been liaising closely with Historic England.

Accordingly, demolition will begin on September 25. Had such an eyesore been sitting stagnant in the Old Town or Meads for so long, I am sure it would have been reduced to a pile of rubble well before now.

There appeared to be some confusion among townsfolk last weekend as to which flag was flying across the town. Sunday, September 3, was Merchant Navy Day and civic buildings and other landmarks are slowly starting to raise the Red Ensign flag to honour those brave men and women who kept our ‘Island Nation’ afloat during both World Wars and celebrate our dependence on modern day merchant seafarers who are responsible for 95 per cent of the UK’s imports, including much of the food we eat, most of the fuel we burn and virtually all the products and goods we take for granted.

My Dad, God rest his soul, had a brief stint in the Merchant Navy back in his younger days, and as a result we have a Red Ensign flying at Field Towers all year round. Hopefully next year more civic buildings and landmark flagpoles across the country will be flying the flag.

After months of meetings, consultation and various suggestions, the new name for the Arndale Centre has been announced. I was on one of the working groups and while I certainly wasn’t the oldest or the youngest there, there was a good mix of ages and people from all walks of life. The name, The Beacon has been unveiled and love it or hate it, it’s going to be here to stay.

It’s not going to be everybody’s cup of tea and I can’t help thinking that quite possibly for the rest of my lifetime anyway, it will be known as “The Old Arndale”.

It’s Organ Donation Week and we are being encouraged to have some potentially awkward conversations with our nearest and dearest about what should happen to our vital organs if we suddenly shuffle off the perch. I have told my Little Treasures they should donate anything that is still deemed to be in good working order. Help save a life and have that chat.