OUT IN THE FIELD: Demolition finally under way at cafe

Demolition work began at Spinnakers Cafe on Thursday morning
Demolition work began at Spinnakers Cafe on Thursday morning

If ever proof was needed that bike helmets can save lives, a cyclist who was knocked off her bike last Friday close to Gildredge Park has endorsed the message.

The air ambulance was called and the lady in question was eventually taken to hospital in Brighton by road. But the cyclist, in her 40s, said her helmet saved her head.

She wrote on the Herald’s Facebook page, “I am extremely shaken up, bruised and battered but feeling very lucky. Wear your helmets fellow cyclists,” Hear hear.

Last week we mentioned the old Spinnakers Cafe on the seafront next to the Redoubt was due to be demolished on Monday. The date was pushed back but I can confirm that on Thursday morning, during my cycle into work, Best Demolition had moved onto the site to start work. Mind you, given the state of it, you could probably aim a couple of kicks at it and the whole pile would fall down seamlessly.

I rarely see eye to eye with some of the schemes the county council’s Highways bods come up with. But my first thoughts after visiting the exhibition showing proposed bus only lanes for Old Town and Willingdon – to ease traffic along that well known mile of misery towards Polegate – was that it could be good news.

Anyone who has sat in bumper to bumper traffic from Coopers Hill to Polegate and beyond day in, day out, might consider hopping on the bus an attractive alternative. Especially if there was a good park and ride site situated on the Eastbourne to Hailsham corridor.

News reached me this week of a mum and her young children falling victim to a distinctly offensive prank in the town centre. As the family walked from TJ Hughes towards Debenhams, a group of language students walked towards them when suddenly one student stopped right in front of the mum, raised his fist and punched towards her face – blocking the punch with his hand before it connected with her.

It was witnessed by a female by-passer who was also appalled at this teenager’s actions and berated him. The mum in question does not wish to identify or prosecute this young man but she does want to raise awareness that it is never acceptable to use violence as a prank and especially to someone you don’t know.

The mother, who it turns out was a victim of domestic violence, was left shocked and intimidated. The young man let himself and his school down. I hope when he was told off he saw the error and futility of his actions.

On the birthday call out this week is Peter Finnis at Eastbourne Borough Council, Di Tucker, Steve Leach and Zoe Laughton. Also, happy retirement to Joan Feneron as the doors close at Eastbourne Law Courts this week. Belated congratulations to Tim and Pauline Lorence who celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary this month. My wonderful aunt and uncle Brenda and Colin Tarrant are celebrating 50 years of wedded bliss and just stepping out on the path of love and marriage is Rachel Gales, who is marrying her very own Ironman Nick Parrish.