OUT IN THE FIELD: Conspiracy theories abound over toxic cloud

Conspiracies abound as staff deal with people affected by the toxic cloud at the DGH. Photograph by Eddie Mitchell
Conspiracies abound as staff deal with people affected by the toxic cloud at the DGH. Photograph by Eddie Mitchell

I know I won’t win any popularity prizes among residents living in the heart of Eastbourne town centre for saying it but I am glad the exotic dancing club in Pevensey Road has been given the go-ahead. I am the last person to want our town to become a mini-Brighton but I agree with town planners that the club is, to quote the planners, “likely to add diversity to the night time economy offering and support the vitality of the town centre”. When I had stopped chuckling at that particular remark and that no objections were received about the plan, I made a note to myself to enquire whether, in this day and age of political correctness and sexual equality, there will be male exotic dancers as well as female ones strutting their stuff when the doors open in October? I do hope so.

I did say it wouldn’t be long before I started whingeing and whining about the perils of cycling in and around Eastbourne. While my trusty bright purple steed and I have been getting acquainted I have noticed many things on my regular route into work. Firstly, not enough cyclists wear helmets. You wouldn’t get on a motorcycle without one, so why not wear one on a bike when you are equally as exposed? The second is horse dung. I know I have brought this up before and upset a large majority of my “horsey” friends but I wish riders would follow the lead of dog owners and pick up their pet’s poop. I particularly noticed it last weekend along the Cuckoo Trail which was littered with the stuff. And finally, and most worryingly, there are too many cars that drive far close to cyclists, perilously close in fact.

I almost had kittens this week when cycling along Gildredge Road towards the railway station, I noticed all the parking bays on the left hand side are being suspended come Monday morning ahead of bus stops being temporarily moved. It’s all part of the Arndale Centre extension work and will be done by mid-October. Just beware the suspension is in place 24/7 and park in the spaces at your peril.

If I had £1 for every conspiracy theory I have heard in the last week about this toxic cloud that appeared over the town on Sunday evening, I wouldn’t be making my own sandwiches. There is no conspiracy, it’s not chemicals dumped on an unsuspecting public by the government or any other such nonsense. I’ll wager that this time next week the ship seen flushing out containers at sea will have been tracked down by those investigating and given a good talking to.

There’s been some good news in the hatches department these last few weeks. Our former colleague Laura Cooke, nee Button, and her husband Adam are the proud parents of Hope Elizabeth Cooke, born at 7.13am on Saturday August 5 weighing in at 8lb 11oz. Fellow ex-reporter and PR consultant Angela Gallen and her other half Brett have welcomed their own little bundle of joy: a baby girl born August 24 weighing 6lb 6oz. Congratulations to both sets of parents.