Out In The Field: are we being short-served in the stores?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas....especially the shops which are all decked out with their decorations, three for two offers and more mince pies for £1 than you can shake a bit of tinsel at.

I’ve already taken advantage of the half price boxes of biscuits, £2 off Christmas cakes, cut price bottles of Baileys intending to squirrel them all away for Christmas.

But it’s an all too sad fact that my festive fodder is going to be late night munchies and never going to last until the end of November.

Anyway, I digress. My point is that now all the shops are heaving with shoppers stocking up for Christmas, it would be nice if there could be more than one assistant on the tills.

I know we’re all having to do more these days with less but I’m tired of standing in line waiting to be served when there’s a queue heading all the way back to Newcastle behind me.

With the words of my late and great mother ringing in my ears that women chained themselves to the railings so I could have a vote and I should never miss out on the opportnity to put a cross in the box, I thought long and hard as to whether to vote in yesterday’s elections for a Police Commissioner for East Sussex to replace the police authority.

Had it not turned into a political bun fight I might have been persuaded to but I am afraid this election has been taken over by the major parties and people with not only an agenda but a huge salary awaiting them should they get the highest number of votes.

So, like the Little Princess whose school was a polling station yesterday I stayed at home and didn’t vote. My poor mother is probably turning in her urn.

On Thursday I am off for my usual pre-Christmas Guinness fest in Tipperary so will be leaving my column in the capable hands of another next week. Providing I don’t miss my flight home this time or get kidnapped by the leprechauns, see you in two weeks.