“No tears shed over Teresa May’s resignation in my household!”

From: Kevin MooreKingsmead Way

Friday, 21st June 2019, 11:25 am
Home secretary Teresa May visits the LEP offices with Tory PCC candidate for Lancashire Andy Pratt PPP-180316-125600001

During the past couple of weeks, the political scene has changed considerably most notably with the resignation of Prime Minister Theresa May.

However, I have to tell you that unlike her in her resignation speech, there were no tears whatsoever shed in my household!

Theresa May’s dislike of the police service continues with her consistently turning a deaf ear to calls for a massive injection of funding into policing and also the proposal from Stephen Lloyd MP on my behalf for a Royal Commission to be held on policing. Her period of tenure both as the Home Secretary as well as PM has been a complete and utter disaster for this country.

What gives me even greater concern is when I cast my mind back to last year’s Conservative Party conference and the conclusion of the PM’s speech. The first to greet her when she exited the stage was none other than our own PCC Katy Bourne who hugged her with overt enthusiasm. I wonder where her loyalties are now. I guess she will be aligning her allegiance in the future with whichever candidate is selected as the new Conservative party leader and therefore Prime Minister.

However, it wasn’t all in vain because Katy Bourne is now Katy Bourne OBE. The award apparently being for public service and service to politics. Nothing mentioned about how during her tenure since 2012, she has overseen the worst period of time ever witnessed by Sussex Police.

Perhaps Mrs Bourne should focus more of her energies into holding the Chief Constable to account and challenging the leadership of her Conservative party over the state of policing. This would be preferable to constantly promoting herself through her political manifesto known as the weekly PCC’s newsletter.

Am I cynical or what?!