New Strategy

Chestnut Tree House Update SUS-150904-142810001
Chestnut Tree House Update SUS-150904-142810001

Chestnut Tree has been looking at its strategy review for the next five years from 2016 to 2021, so that we can reach our vision and mission for the future. “Our vision is that no one should face death or bereavement without the care and support they deserve.” “Our mission is to achieve dignity, comfort and choice for all children and adults facing the end of life.”

The review of our strategy commenced with a number of Trustees and the Senior Management Team meeting regularly to review all things to do with Chestnut Tree. We have been analysing the services we offer, our criteria for admission and how we allocate the services to children and families. We have also been looking at a number of other areas including workforce planning, transport for hard to reach families, a space review and marketing of care services. We have been looking at the possible options for the future and how we might implement anything new.

We have also recently finished conducting a ‘stakeholder analysis’ which involved getting views from parents, children, siblings, staff, commissioners and funders, as well as other people who work around complex children like GPs, paediatricians, teachers and social workers. We would like to thank all of you that have taken the time to contribute. Over the next couple of months will be looking at all of your comments and suggestions to see how we can incorporate these into our new strategy.

Our Trustees, along with our Senior Management Team will consider and discuss the new strategy for Chestnut Tree in Spring 2016.

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