Nasty tirade at Eastbourne supermarket

From: S CollinsVicarage Road

Friday, 31st August 2018, 9:36 am
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2018, 12:17 pm
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I was in Tesco in Lottbridge Drove on August 23 when I had the misfortune to encounter the most horrendous individual I have ever met, who was behind me in the queue.

I had already unpacked my shopping on to the conveyor belt and was in the process of packing my shopping into bags when a woman, who I think was in her 60s, turned up.

No sooner had she arrived, I noticed that she started to roll her eyes at me, I presume because I had the absolute nerve to have a trolley of shopping that needed packing up!

I tried to ignore her and carried on as quickly as possible, but felt very uncomfortable.

She kept turning to the couple behind her and was encouraging them to join in with her complaining.

Typical bully behaviour, not brave enough on their own.

I still continued to ignore her and as I was putting the last of my bags into my trolley, I turned round to use the card machine, but couldn’t get to it, as she’d pushed her trolley right in front of it, almost to the end of the counter, so I couldn’t reach.

I tried to lean over to get to the machine and as I did so, she again turned round to say something to the couple behind and then started shouting at me, a nasty tirade about wanting me to just get out the way and hurry up.

I was shocked, but said calmly I was going as quickly as I could.

She then called me a ‘miserable cow’! Oh, the irony!

As I was completing the card transaction, she then rammed her trolley into my legs.

I asked her to stop, but she didn’t stop and continued being nasty and even started wafting me along with her hands like she was an old-fashioned schoolteacher (her poor family!) and kept shouting at me to hurry up and get out the way, she even stated that some of us have lives.

If she really did have a life and other things to occupy her mind, she definitely wouldn’t be behaving like that!

Afterwards, when I was outside, loading my shopping into my car, a nice lady came up to me and said she’d been standing nearby and asked if I was okay and said she could not believe the behaviour of that nasty woman and that she’d really shown herself up.