Malcolm Rasala: Christianity - for and against

Wooden Cross ca. 2001
Wooden Cross ca. 2001

What’s changed?

This is the Abbe Jean Meslier three hundred years ago in the early 18th century.

“Know, my dear friends that everything that is happening in the world concerning the cult and the adoration of gods, is nothing but error, abuse, illusion, mendacity and betrayal; that all the laws and ordinances published under the authority of God or gods are nothing but human inventions, just like all the spectacles and feasts and sacrifices and all the other practices and devotions in their honour...on the one side the priests ...command you on pain of eternal damnation to obey the magistrates, the princes and the sovereigns, because God has put them in their place to rule over others; and the princes, on the other hand, enforce respect for the priests, give them good appointments and good revenues and maintain them in the vain function of their false ministry...”

Three hundred years on and we are still pretending churchmen possess moral authority.

We pretend that their indoctrinating our kids every day in school with the christian beliefs, the christian view of the world, creation, existence, death will create good. Where has it?

Week in week out we read in our Eastbourne Herald, see on our tv screens the reality of so many of these churchmen, their greed, their immorality from the top down. Why do we do this? Why do we allow young minds to be indoctrinated with the fantasies of these charlatans? Why do we warp the minds of our young so they will likely have to spend the rest of their lives trying to throw off these errors, abuses illusions, mendacity fostered by churchmen and their silly ideas?

Parents for religion

1. Without religion there is no morality.“If God did not exist it would be necessary to invent him” (Voltaire)

2. Every newborn is born with Original Sin I am sinful so my child must be prone to sin. I suffer guilt and fear of sin so I must ensure my child does.

3. I hear a Voice within me. I want my child to mix with others who hear this Voice.

4. Death is scary. I need churchmen to tell me I will live beyond Death. I want the same for my child.

5. The Bible says there is a God and I believe. So must my kids.

6. The world is a beautiful place. I need certainty as to why this is. My religion provides Certainty and Truth.

7. OK churchmen have intolerant, unkind views about women, gays and life but I accept their teaching.

8. I know why God created the world. I do not accept arguments different from my faith. So must my child.

Parents against religion

1. “We do not have the slightest ground to assume there is a God” (Kant 1724-1804)

2. Fear is the essence of religion. Churchmen mouth unevidential phrases. They fantasize up sin(s) to create fear.

3. Faith is a distortion of truth. What Jesus supposedly said is a contrived invention by churchmen.

4. Churchmen use fear of death and sin to scam money from the gullible with fantasies about everlasting life;

5 Notice their ‘go sell all you have and give it to the poor” coming from their Palaces on the Thames and Tiber

5. The Bible and other ‘Books’ are creations of bronze age/medieval minds. This is the 21st century.

6. Study Church history; in practice largely the very opposite to what it preaches; greed, hate, war, suffering, fear.

7. Churchmen appear to possess weird phobias about sex, women, gays, abortion, equality.

8. We do not know, yet, why the world was created. But open minds defeat superstitious fantasies. “Doubt is not pleasant condition but certainty is absurd” Voltaire (1694 – 1778).

9. Churchmen exhibit an arrogant belief they should tell others how to live.

10.Churchmen thwart science, change, modernity; ‘A kind of mental sickness that seeks to stop human advance.

Indoctrinating young children with the idea of Original Sin (the invention of the Churchman Augustine) is repugnant. It is unkind.

Preaching fear and guilt to gullible minds is sick. It is the opposite of love.

Why do churchmen do this? Money. Money. Money. The more you study the creation and history of the church the more you realise what a tissue of fear inducing lies and contrived human invention it is.

One example: nowhere in the Gospels (that based themselves on the mind of Mark forty plus years after the death of Jesus) did Jesus or Yeshua (Joshua) as he was really called) say he was a God.

The Council of Nicea in 325 AD codified the idea that Yeshua from Nazereth was God. For the Jews God was the sole and indivisible Creator and Lord of the Universe.

But for a Roman the world was peopled by gods who were the forces of Nature and even their own Emperors were gods.

As the Roman Empire crumbled (think of the British Empire crumbling!) the Roman Emperor Constantine visioned up the wheeze that an invisible empire of mind and spirit would keep the tribute / revenues rolling in where walls and armies could not. So brilliantly he imposed Christianity on the Empire.

Read the history. The subsequent contrivance of fears, guilt, beliefs, faith, fear of a god, fear of death, fear of sin, was wholly the invention of churchmen seeking to rake in money and property. It still is.

One vast scam by fevered greedy little minds. Fortunately the scam is dying. Education and internet inducing intelligence is undermining Christianity. Eventually we will look back at what some have called a kind of mental sickness and wonder how so many could have been fooled by this unkind, fatuous, non-empirical fear based philosophy for so long.

In the meantime as William Blake wrote “And priests in black gowns are walking their rounds, And binding with briars my joys and desires”.