Make Eastbourne town planners take notice

From: Graham KiffordFern Close

Friday, 19th October 2018, 9:10 am
Updated Friday, 19th October 2018, 10:15 am

I recently received a Planning Notification from Eastbourne Borough Council, re: an application from P1 Pitstop Services to erect a tyre /valeting business within the car park at Langney Shopping Centre.

This is an amended application as the first was refused by the planners in May this year.

I was able to address the committee when it was heard, and spoke on behalf of the residents of Fern Close whose properties would be severely affected by such a development, being within 100m to their homes, having to suffer constant daily noise, toxic fumes and general disturbance from business operating for six and a half days a week (Mon/Sat 8-6 & Sun 10-4) a development which is completely unsuitable for this location and would be far better within an industrial estate.

Also when the current extension to the LSC is completed the number of parking spaces will be significantly reduced, to build further in the car park will have even bigger impact on parking.

The current planning regulations are a farce.

Having been refused once, the applicant can get advice on how to ‘amend’ the application in order to get approval, and P1 Pitstop must be 100 per cent confident of getting approval as they are advertising a ‘new’ depot at Langney Shopping Centre on their website already, and it hasn’t even come before the Planning Committee yet!

This makes a total mockery of the planning process. One wonders if any objections will get a fair hearing.

I urge people to look up the plans on the EBC website to see just how at odds to the surrounding area and how ugly the proposed building will be.

There is already a 1st class valet and car wash at LSC and two tyre depots within a quarter of a mile of LSC. Make the planners of Eastbourne sit up and take notice.