Low energy? Acupressure can help and it costs nothing!

Acupuncture and massage therapist Angela Wallis explains how acupressure can help with a variety of health issues from stress to low energy.

Angela comments; “Running a busy household can really impact on the ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle, leaving us feeling tired and lethargic.

“Simple acupressure exercises can help give you boost. Acupressure works on the premise that there is a circuit of energy throughout your body which runs up and down your body in lines called meridians, each meridian is connected to an organ. The energy is strengthened or reduced by exerting pressure at specific acupuncture points along the relevant meridian.” 


“If you’re feeling a little sluggish or bloated then gently tap on the area located midway between the belly button and bottom of sternum. This can help alleviate that ‘full up’ feeling.


“Disturbed sleep is a real energy zapper and can leave you feeling tired and lethargic. If you’re lying in bed and can’t nod off, use your thumb and forefinger and rub the top of ear where there is an obvious hollow found towards the area closer to face. It is one of the most relaxing points in the body, called ‘shenmen’.

Low energy

“Place the tips of your fingers on the area just between the ankle bone and the hard ridge of the Achilles tendon and massage gently for a couple of minutes on each foot. This helps to keep your foundation energy flowing freely when you feel tired. The point on the heel relates to a powerful energising point on the kidney meridian. The kidneys are viewed as the body’s powerhouse in Traditional Chinese Medicine. By stimulating the kidney meridian, we help to energise the kidney which helps energise our entire body.

Feeling cold

“If you have a tendency to feel cold try placing a warm pad on your lower back(e.g. a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel or a microwaveable hot pad) to put warming energy back into your body. A natural tendency to feel cold, especially when you’re tired, probably means that you are deficient in yang – the energy that keeps us moving and active. The lower back allows us to transmit heat from an external source inwards to nourish our yang and thus our vitality.


“To help combat it gently pinch the skin between your thumb and first finger and massage it sensitively, or massage the area of skin between your eyebrows. These are good points to help free the energy and keep it flowing smoothly, which helps to stop the buildup of stress.” 

Angela practices acupuncture and massage at Woodside Acupuncture Clinic based at 12 College Road Eastbourne. She offers a free 15 minute initial consultation in which you can discuss your health problem and find out if acupuncture can help. Phone 01323 638606 or email angela@woodsideacupuncture.co.uk www.woodsideacupuncture.co.uk