Lighthouse visit the highlight of my career

The highlight of my week, actually my whole career, came on Wednesday afternoon when I was invited out to the Beachy Head Lighthouse for an access all areas tour of the iconic building and to hand over the £27,000 cheque which the good people of Eastbourne raised to get the red and white stripes repainted.

I am not known for having the best pair of sea legs since the last time I went anywhere near the lighthouse on the town’s lifeboat I was sick as a small hospital and spent the best part of the journey over the side of the boat having my back rubbed by a burly lifeboatman.

This time however, our trip with the lovely Lance Brown on Excalibur, passed by without incident and landing at the lighthouse and going inside was just so overwhelming and I felt so privileged.

It really is a fascinating building (not to mention, a great place for a party) and you will be able to see some of my photographs of the interior on the Herald website when I finally come back down from Cloud Nine.

Not much tugs at my stony old heart strings these days but I was saddened to see there was a farewell party to the Special Care Baby Unit at Eastbourne DGH this week as the unit closes its doors and moves to Hastings.

If it wasn’t for those angels in special care my lovely Ginger prince wouldn’t be here today.

The love and support they showed when my little bundle of joy was so poorly our Catholic priest offered to baptise him in case he didn’t last the weekend is something I have never forgotten.

It’s a sad day for the DGH.

As you read this I will be catching up on a few zzzs after staying awake until silly o’clock at Eastbourne Town Hall for the county council elections.

I am no political animal but hats off to former Conservative Bob Lacey who decided to stand for UKIP because he was so fed up with Cameron and his cronies. It could be an interesting night.