Life’s getting more and more confusing, so is it time to sack all politicians?


Friday, 18th October 2019, 11:19 am
Palace of Westminster SUS-190927-095148001
Palace of Westminster SUS-190927-095148001

I am getting more and more confused with the situation locally and nationally.

Our council has declared a climate emergency but still approves building more and more homes.

In my job I knew that an emergency meant that I had to do all I possibly could to resolve that emergency immediately, surely the council should ban all extra housing and plant trees on that land (extra population means extra pollution).

People say that you can’t have a no deal option for Brexit. Do they when they are bargaining in a shop on holiday tell the shop keeper “OK I’ll pay more than you are asking” instead of walking out of the shop, usually followed by the shopkeeper and a much better deal?

People say that a new road without roundabouts from Polegate to Beddingham would be dreadful for the environment. I am pretty sure that vehicles cruising in top gear all the way would produce far less pollution than ones crawling along the A27 negotiating roundabouts and villages.

As for the party that our MP is associated with telling me that I am really stupid because I didn’t know what I was voting for in the referendum; apart from that being a bit insulting it suggests that they want to nullify any votes in the future if they don’t agree with the result (that sounds a bit dangerous for our democracy to me).

Is it time to sack all politicians and get better qualified business people who understand the real world to run things or am I just showing my age?

Simon Seath

Kings Drive