Why don’t we tax vehicles on noise output?

From: Jason DunneFounder, Exhausted.org.uk @ExhaustedU

Friday, 11th June 2021, 9:43 am

Regarding excess speed and noise, and further to Alec Logan’s letter last month (Herald letters, May 21), readers may wish to know that the authorities need more reports from residents to secure greater police resources, potentially including a “noise camera”.

For anti-social driving and noise, make three separate reports: [email protected] and [email protected] and www.operationcrackdown.org

Eastbourne is home to Exhausted.org.uk, which argues for vehicles to be taxed by noise output in addition to Co2 emissions.

Traffic stock image

Tax is killing dirty diesels and can do the same for unnecessary vehicle noise. Only loud vehicles need pay more.

People who complain about noise are traditionally characterised as weak or eccentric – but only by those making the noise.

Everyone else is grateful, especially by individuals with noise-sensitive conditions such as autism and schizophrenia: some cannot speak for themselves.

More generally, DEFRA reports that 60 per cent of homes are blighted by cars revving and accelerating.

If you support a vehicle noise tax, spread the word and let Caroline Ansell MP know how you feel.

We cannot have peaceful homes and loud vehicles, so we ought to choose.