We can’t get hold of a doctor in Eastbourne

From: Jean RichardsonOcklynge Avenue, Eastbourne

Thursday, 6th May 2021, 12:44 pm

I do not know if all the GP surgeries in Eastbourne are as bad but a close friend of mine has spent over an hour today (Wednesday, May 5), starting at number 20 in the telephone queue.

This was trying to get through to the reception at Bolton Road surgery, which I understand is in the process of amalgamating into the Victoria Medical Centre in Victoria Drive.

Another friend had a similar experience yesterday (Tuesday May 4) at the Bolton Road/Victoria surgery where he also started at number 20 in the queue.


Another friend had similarly appalling treatment from the Arlington Road surgery a few days ago, no queue but you have to keep re-dialling.

None of these friends is a complainer but the last two were unable to get an appointment to see their GP although both were in considerable pain.

Surely this is not good enough.

What can we the poor patient do about it?

I feel so upset for the ill and particularly the elderly.