We cannot afford another lockdown

From: J WhitlockDukes Quay, Eastbourne

Friday, 23rd July 2021, 10:16 am

For some time now, Covid-obsessed senior health and scientific advisers have near enough been running the country.

The Prime Minister has seemingly hung on their every word, opinions of Cabinet and MPs sidelined, public opinion rarely sought.

The nation’s finances are now shot.

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 29: Britain's Chief Medical Officer for England Chris Whitty gives an update on the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic during a virtual press conference in the new £2.6million No9 briefing room on March 29, 2021 in London, England. Outdoor sports and up to six people or two households can gather as from today in the first stage of England easing lockdown measures. (Photo by Hollie Adams - WPA Pool/Getty Images) NNL-210807-094924001

The NHS is now in a sad state, badly supported in the past by successive governments anyway and getting it to full functional level will cost a huge amount of money.

The scientific approach has shown itself to be inept, as Britain is a capitalist country and things like the NHS have to be paid for. They do not just ‘happen’.

Businesses and people have to be allowed to work, income and taxation are essentials.

We may not survive if ever locked down so unnecessarily again.

Enough of government by science alone, it does no-one any good: I do not wish to read of any more individual people, families or businesses of any kind living in fear of debt, unemployment , eviction, bankruptcy or the gutter, while so frustrated that they are very capable and wrongly prevented from getting things done.

There is always a better way if those in authority earn their salaries and find it.