The trouble I had at Polegate Railway Station car park

From: Patricia PayneWest Parade, Bexhill

Thursday, 5th December 2019, 3:37 pm

I am emailing to tell you that I had trouble at Polegate car park.

Myself and my daughter arrived about 3.30pm Saturday November 30. After taking over 10 minutes to ring the number (as apparently the code I got sent to pay online was wrong) and register, I got told by the automated voice the daily allowance for commuters was full and I couldn’t park there.

We were going to London for the evening and had decided to go from Polegate as it was easier to not get rail replacement bus when we returned.

Subsequently we had to park at Eastbourne.

On our return journey, Southern Rail hadn’t laid on a bus to take passengers to Eastbourne as they were supposed to. We then had to pay £22 for a taxi at 1am!

If they hadn’t had that message when most of the bays were empty, we would not have had to pay extortionate rates for a taxi!