Too many areas of Eastbourne wear a coat of decline

From: Graham Marsden, Wish Hill, Eastbourne

Thursday, 18th November 2021, 3:38 pm

These days one is much more conscious of global warming and the genuine reality of increasing problems.

Perhaps also we view more cynically the efforts of some to justify action or inaction in making specific policy decisions. Efforts to improve bio-diversity should, in theory, be encouraged although I do wonder if that is always the case.

After investigation in the wilds of the Ratton area of our local community I discovered the fact that there are kerbstones on both sides of Wish Hill! On the east side the gutters are regularly cleaned and in a good state, but on the west side they have been hidden by a tangle of weeds, stinging nettles and dead cow parsley which overhang the road. This has resulted in the street sweeping machine being unable to reach the gutter to do its job, as well as causing cars to drive down the middle of the road.

Kerb obscured by vegetation at Wish Hilll, Eastbourne SUS-211115-142006001

Doing my duty by contacting local councils has merely been met with comments about how they are improving bio-diversity. Is that the case or is it sheer neglect based on the usual principle that despite the large costs of the pandemic, more Government money is always required before normal tasks can be fulfilled?

This is the first occasion in 40 years that the bank has not been cut and the vegetation cleared. Too many areas of our town wear the same coat of decline and lack of attention. Not good enough.