Time to raise standards for Eastbourne public toilets

From: Ron GrayCliff Road, Eastbourne

Thursday, 24th June 2021, 4:02 pm

As a resident of 10 years and not being able to return to Eastbourne for nearly 18 months,due to the pandemic I was shocked at the condition of some of the male toilet facilities throughout the town and seafront.

Whilst the Pier, Helen Gardens , Holywell, and Bandstand are well maintained, The Wish Tower (temporarily closed), Fisherman’s Green and those at Seaside, need a health warning before entering!

Whilst I appreciate that with the current pandemic,things in general have been difficult and testing, I’m afraid that this has hastened the decline of all standards. I have felt for a number of years that the toilet facilities in Eastbourne have seriously let the town down and now they are at rock bottom.


Surely you can improve the ventilation,lighting and decoration? A coat of paint would improve the interiors and I’m sure electric air fresheners would work wonders. These are the basic facilities which tourists and visitors would come to expect, and I guess on a survey would not rank very high in impressions.

I’ve always been very proud of the cleanliness of our roads, pathways, beaches and parks etc, impressing on friends and visitors how clean and tidy the town is always kept, but I am afraid that the majority of the public conveniences are quite frankly Victorian, excepting Cornfield Road, which in my opinion is the show piece.

I understand that not all justify those standards, but I think the bar could be raised. These upgrades could be carried out on the Redoubt, and the Wish Tower which I hope you are going to refurbish, and not permanently close, as it is is a very long walk between the Pier and Fisherman’s Green,and from the bandstand to Holywell, for both adults and children!

At The Redoubt you have to produce a receipt of purchase from the coffee shop to be able to use the restaurant’s conveniences! These thoughts have also been borne out by my wife, from a female perspective.

Union Flag: And could we have a new Union Jack at Holywell? The present one is in a terrible condition, and doesn’t look very welcoming to visitors and the terminus of the Dotto train. On talking to the present owner of The Chalet he thinks its at least eight years old and was replaced when a television crew carried out a live broadcast from there.

The information centre: What a sad sight the old centre portrays. It was always a welcoming ,bustling office with knowledgeable staff, a large forthcoming events board, adverts for all manner of events, ticket sales, accommodation and souvenirs . Now visitors to the town centre have a 10 minute walk, to a place which whilst is very modern and the staff welcoming, but has none of the hustle and bustle of the previous site.

Surely you could reopen the original as a sub office? Both linked together? I’m sure if a survey was conducted (and published) I’m sure there would be decline in sales and revenues which would be shown. And what about the hoteliers, B & B owners, coach trips, and various local venues? Since closure couldn’t any one at the council admit the they have made a mistake, and justify a reopening?

Will anyone provide answers?