The links between housing and mental health

From: Laurence KeeleyFairfield, Herstmonceux

Thursday, 13th May 2021, 3:49 pm

Christine Hanson says it all in the Eastbourne Herald a fortnight ago (letters, April 30 click here to read).

I was looking up some past planning meetings and came across the Park farm, Hellingly application.

I can’t believe in this area Wealden has allowed such developments to go ahead. And more to follow.

There was a talk on having a sports complex on the Park Farm land. But that is not going to happen. There is a school being built, but nothing else, to the western side, where there was a garden nursery.

Has anyone ever thought of creating a self-sufficient garden that would supply the new developments with good wholesome local produce?

One could not provide meat or corn, but fruit and vegetables would save residents travelling to the town centre, thus creating more traffic gridlock and air pollution.

Where are the work units here? Also with this lockdown, and people working from home, why is there not accommodation being added to the homes where one can work from home, without having to work in one’s living room?

While one can’t build a jet engine at home, many have office jobs. One would have thought to include some light industry close to new large developments?

We are having reports of an increase in mental health issues and depression.

With this new estate, I can understand why this is happening. People need exercise, a place to walk, have sport facilities for young people, a drop in centre for all age groups and a youth centre with someone employed to arrange events. Why is this not included in this area of Hellingly, and these other areas having to take more houses in the Stone Cross area for example?

I can understand why we are seeing an increase in mental health and depression, when one looks at these new estates being built. Too many crammed into small spaces, no areas for gardens, sports activities, dog walking, drop in centres, youth clubs or any sense of well being. And above all space for working from home.

Has Wealden District Council ever had an interview with the MPs in Southern England to reconsider the state of developments taking place.

Why doesn’t Wealden question the integrity of the appeal personal, as it’s the appeal system local councils are afraid of. While Wealden declared a climate change emergency in 2019,do any of them realise housing cost, be it a mortgage or a market rent, is creating much of the pollution they want to reduce, just see the traffic gridlock both morning and evening.

Most of those travelling are doing so, just to pay for one of these awful unaffordable houses the planners give permission for. visit www.theplanet& for some thoughts.