Support available in Eastbourne for filling in census

From: Jane DuberyTrustee, Seaside Community Hub

Friday, 12th March 2021, 9:51 am

In last year Seaside Community Hub, on Seaside near the TA Centre, has been actively supporting the community in the area around it and this support will continue in coming months.

During the next few weeks, the Hub will be one of the places, in Eastbourne, acting as a Census Support Centre. By now you should have received details about filling in your census return.

This time it should, preferably, be done on-line and those who do not have access to a suitable device or are not comfortable completing a form on-line will be able to book an appointment at a local Support Centre, such as the Hub, where an advisor will guide them through completing the on-line form.

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The service is confidential and all advisors have received appropriate training. If you need help completing the census phone 0800 141 2021 to find more. Please do not contact the Hub directly as they may not be your nearest Support Centre.

During the last year the Hub Trustees, Sue Morris, Helen McCabe and Jane Dubery have kept the Hub open to provide a base for other community groups. Community Stuff have been making soup and distributing it to local residents who have been shielding, as well as people living in sheltered accommodation and to Matthew 25.

The local Foodbank has been using the Hub as a base for a weekly distribution of food. As we look forward to the easing of restrictions the Foodbank is moving to a more spacious base at All Souls Church and Community Stuff is planning outside activities for children and later on inside sessions for adults.

This doesn’t mean that, apart from providing the Census support service, nothing will be happening at Seaside Community Hub. Sue Morris, with the help of volunteers, will continue to run the Community Larder which started a few weeks ago.

This project, together with a similar one in Langney, aims to reduce food waste and prevent fruit, vegetables and a wide range of other foodstuffs from going to landfill. To use the Seaside Larder you need to be a member, which costs nothing, and then you can have 10 items for £2. As one item could be anything from five onions to a 500g pack of pasta this is good value for money and you will be helping reduce food wastage.

Currently the Larder is open on a Wednesday and Friday between and 12 noon. Sue, Helen and Jane hope that as the Covid restrictions ease, more will be happening at the Hub and they are now starting to plan future activities. The trustees would like to thank everyone who supports them and those who help with funding such as Devonshire West Big Local, Sussex Community Foundation, Department of Work and Pensions. Sports England and Power to Change.