Residents living near Eastbourne tip have suffered enough

From: Barry WinterNorthbourne Road, Eastbourne

Friday, 11th June 2021, 9:48 am

I read with interest Annemarie Field’s column regarding opening hours at the recycling centre in St Phillips Avenue (Out In The Field, Friday June 4 click here to read).

I don’t know whether she is aware we are coming out of a pandemic (hopefully) and as such all councils need to cut their budgets.

Annemarie’s way of helping the council to do this is to increase all costs for this centre. Nice one.

New entrance to Eastbourne Tip, 16/5/12 ENGSUS00120120516150105

I don’t know much about Bromley. Maybe she could tell us, is their site in a residential area, or on a main route into their town centre?

If she visits our centre she would know people start to queue any time from 7.30am weekends and 8am weekdays.

Please Annemarie, spare a thought for the poor residents living opposite, they suffer enough upheaval and pollution already without any extended hours.

Once the council is back on its feet maybe from an environmental aspect it should consider moving the recycling centre maybe to somewhere along Lottbridge Drove where there are wide open spaces and no residents, except the birds of course.